Nissei Model FS75 injection molding machine with a four-ounce plastic shot capacity and an 80-ton clamp capacity.

Nissei Model FS160 injection molding machine with a 15-ounce plastic shot capacity and a 180-ton clamp capacity

Nissel Model FS500 injection molding machine customized to mold 82 ounces of plastic in the injection mode and up to eight pounds of plastic in the structural foam mode, with a 550-ton clamp capacity

Beloit Model SSE25 molding machine capable of molding parts up to 25 pounds (400 ounces) in either structural foam or injection mode, with a clamp capacity of 800 tons.

Support equipment consists of a plant-wide plastic resin handling and processing system made by Colortronics Conair dries and distributes plastic resin to each molding machine. This system enables us to mix color concentrates, blowing agents, other resins and additives with the basic resin using programmabIe processor control directly at each molding machine.

We use several mold temperature control systems chill or heat the injection molds.